Water & Green Smoothie Love {Use the Coconut}

After reading Maryea’s post on creating a perfect “Superfoods Smoothie”, I have been on a smoothie kick again. Every few months, they rule my mornings until I’ve out-smoothied myself. Harper is going through a growth spurt and is not turning down anything edible these days, including the smoothies. Praise Him! Picky toddler antics have been paused for now. I’m really hoping this can last forever. We have been able to sneak more greenery into in her diet so everyone’s benefiting.

You can pop on over to Maryea’s blog post to read about the different superfoods she included in her smoothies and what makes them so good for ya body. I sent Mike to the market to pick up kale, pineapple, bananas, blueberries, grapes and coconut water to use in ours for the week. I like to add a tablespoon of coconut oil too. Healthy fats, people. Our bodies crave them…give into the desire.

Even though our guys had a horrible season, just terrible, I still sport my Gamecocks gear. Haha! I love my reusable bottles because I have to track my water intake. Why? I’m pretty sure that I bleed coffee. There have been days where I am just having my first glass of water at lunch time. Don’t judge me. To remain properly hydrated, I like to drink a few of these guys a day and preferably hours before bedtime. People always say that your skin and hair will love you for drinking more water. They’re right. The difference in my hydrated skin and my caffeinated skin is noticeable. I have a Beyonce type glow and suffer from less skin inflammations. Yes! Coffee leaves me dull and I just look like I need to go home and exfoliate. Stat!

Since I have incorporated my morning smoothies, I feel energized and don’t NEED caffeine. Do I still enjoy a piping hot cup of joe? Uh…yeah, but I’m not chugging coffee like someone’s life depends on it anymore.

What have you learned from a fellow blogger recently?

This post was fueled by a smoothie, more Interpol (they’re so good) and my fig scented lotion.


My Hopes for Health {Letter}

I’ve never been one to do the letter to my kid thing but watching her develop into this tiny, fierce person made me change my mind.


You came into this world too soon for the comfort of my medical practitioners and me too…let’s be real. I was not ready! Your room was still unprepared and I didn’t have a bag packed. I gave birth in pig tails for goodness sake!  My first visual of you in this world, was of your tiny fists (big feet) and “this displeases me greatly” face. A facial expression that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing now that you’re two. Haha! The nurses in the NICU called you a troublemaker and kicked you out after two weeks. Who pulls out their oxygen tubes, feeding tubes and removes heart monitoring devices?! You wanted us to know that you didn’t need them and you were right.

Fast forward to now and I have a toddler who tells me that her jacket is “uncomfortable” and that “it time to do yota {yoga}”. You love to work on your handstands and are better at popping into a “crow pose” than I am! I pray that you always have the desire to be your authentic self. You are vibrant, daring, intelligent and beautiful.

While I hope you have a life filled with love, awesome experiences and success…the thing I want most for you is health. I want the disordered eating to end with me. I will always do my best to shield you from one of the most impressionable factors in your life…me. I have found a love for this body that I once hated. Instead of pinching and poking at myself in the mirror, I flex and we flex together. Your dad thinks I’m turning you into a baby douchebag. He’s jealous. We use positive language when we talk about our bodies. Strong legs and a big heart will carry you far in life.

Take charge of your life and do great things. Be brave, darling!


2015 Goals {Health/Fitness & Blogging}

2015 Goals via Earl-Leigh Designs

One way to reach your goals is to write them down. I like to post mine for extra accountability. It tickles me to no end when I get a reminder from one of you ladies to post an update. Thank you for that! There were a few times last year where I just wanted to eat a pint of ice cream, rub my tummy and watch Netflix but one of those reminders would come just in time. Not that I don’t enjoy that scenario! Haha! Moderation. Because I have a lot of smaller goals to help get me to my ultimate goal of creating a life that I love, I’m only going to post a few for now.

1. Continue to practice yoga and end the year with at least one handstand push-up.
2. Get into competition shape.
3. Compete in the bikini division of an NPC show! The Palmetto Classic is one of the annual bodybuilding competitions held in South Carolina, Charleston to be exact, and I would really like my first show to be drive-able to cut down on expenses.
4. Safely reverse to a weight that is easier to maintain post-competition.
5. Actively participate in a local running group.
6. Work on MY happy.
7. Continue experimenting with food.
1. Consistency.
2. Invest in lighting and backdrops for tutorials and vlogs. I’ve made a few projects but my apartment has the absolute worst lighting so photographs don’t come out the way I’d like.
3. Buy a new camera.
4. Establish a schedule for posting, commenting on other blogs and sharing via social media.
What are your goals for the new year?
Do you have any goals that build on each other?
This post was fueled by coffee, oatmeal and the sweet sound of a lawn mower.

Spa Day, Stay at Home Mom Duties and Anxiety

Thank you for the well wishes! I was sick up until Christmas Day but I still ate my face off. Well, I did as much eating as my stomach would allow and after days of liquids…two meals seemed like a lot!

Where have I been? I needed a little break. With the weight of a job that makes me miserable and figuring out what comes next…I just needed some time to think and breathe. A mental break of sorts because my anxiety was in high gear (and still kinda is but its more manageable).

Here’s a snippet of what I’ve been up to:

Santa sent me to the spa the Saturday after Christmas and I was excited because it was my first fancy pants massage. I’m thinking about working them into my regular schedule if possible.

Harper’s daycare conveniently closed for the entire length of my vacation. Mercy! That child’s energy is limitless. Because my trainer wants me to incorporate yoga into my routine, Harper and I would practice some together. She’s better than I am! Ha! That little lady would do handstands all day if I would let her.

Obviously. 😉

Influenster sent me this swanky new antiperspirant to try. More information is to come. It’s pretty cool and definitely is one of those products I wouldn’t have necessarily bought. You’ll see.

Mike and I were able to go out on New Year’s Eve for some much needed couple time. I even shaved my legs.

I’ll post this year’s goals next week. There are some big, scary, exciting things planned for the year.

This post was fueled by a rice cake with peanut butter, coffee and Bag Raiders.