Spring Fever

I am getting so restless waiting on Spring to arrive! I have a closet full of skirts and short sleeved tops that I can’t wear yet. Which is a bummer. 
On the bright side…I still have a few more weeks to get our apartment ready for the upcoming season. Goodbye, red, turquoise and brown!{Woo-hoo} My husband is cringing as I type this. Ha!
I found these really pretty fabrics at a local craft store a few weeks ago
Then I noticed that the blue fabric is similar to the blue in this picture of one of my FAVE actresses:
Then I realized I had an actual Spring color scheme coming along.
Yellow, Blue and White.
So I made these:
All I have to do now is make two yellow ones, some curtains,
add a little of this and that.
And Ladies and Gentlemen…Spring!
My only question is white curtains or yellow?!

4 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. Anita Van Hal says:

    OMG…beautiful blog, blog posts…YOU…you are so inspiring to me! I vote yellow curtains as well…yellow and navy blue? OMG…to die for…or is that to dye for? Please share when you're done! Thanks for sharing your stunning creativity with us! Hugs!

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