It’s My Birthday…Almost!

A few nights ago I got an awesome surprise! Mike is taking me shopping for fabric this weekend! (I guess that my birthday present emails of 3yards of this, 2 1/2 yards of that, and 1 1/2 inch elastic NOT 1 inch were getting tiresome for him.) Oops!

         Well, I know that some of you may be thinking…

“who in the world wants FABRIC for their birthday?”. 

{Pointing finger at self}
That would be Me.

I’ve been finding so many gorgeous fabrics for home decor and creating bibs, totes, diaper bags and clutches that I want them all!

A girl can dream, right?
And speaking of well, me. {grin}

I have what Mike calls a “bad habit”…I buy myself birthday presents.

Is that weird? Y’all let me know, please!

Oh well! Weird or NOT, these items are at the top of my list in no particular order:
Mom and Child by Claylicious
Le Bonbon necklace by HRH Collection
Micheal Antonio Pumps
Tribal Print Dress found at Charlotte Russe

Don’t worry, I’m not buying everything pictured here. Ha!
But, I DID buy myself a Gussy Sews wristlet. I can’t wait for it arrive! It’s so perfect for spring! In case you’re curious about which one I bought:

Spring Blue
What’s on your wish list (birthday or not)?

4 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday…Almost!

  1. Dallas says:

    Oh yay a Gussy wristlet! How exciting I have wanted a Gussy bag forever…I'm planning on buying my sister a market tote for her birthday, I just know she will love it! And don't worry My fiance and I often pick out our own presents or take each other shopping…

  2. Ruby Girl says:

    great list! i could probably adopt that one for myself. but my birthday isn't for…7 months. 🙂 cute blog, girl! i met Gussy this wknd. she is every bit as charming in person as she is on her blog 🙂 ❤

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