Oh, April

I have a lot that I would love to accomplish in the month of April. I’m pretty sure that Mike is going to freak out when I read him the list…a few items include his services.
(Hun, in case you’re reading this…we’ll talk later) 

1. Sew in Color! A Collaborative Sewing Project– please check out my girlie Bonita Rose’s blog for details. The cause behind the project is truly amazing and people of all skill levels can participate.I’ve never done work for a quilt before so I’m kinda nervous.
2. Produce business cards and stationary…*cough* MIKE *cough*. This one (okay few items wrapped into one) is still on the list because he’s a working illustrator and my non-paying projects that I assign take the backseat.  
3. Make more products for the launch of my shop
Sneak Peek

Fabric Waiting to be Transformed
5. Meet with  Nick Blocker- Around the Block Photography because my camera skills are lackluster. LOL. But really, Nick is an amazing photographer! The way that he captures light…PEOPLE…you just have to check him out. And he’s NICE.  
Don’t you just hate when you meet creative types who are their own biggest fans?
6. Order custom sew-in labels. If y’all know of a vendor on Etsy, please comment below. 
7. Finish decorating my apartment! 
And…blog more consistently.
I’d really love to read everyone’s to-do lists! What are y’all planning to do today, next week or this month?

6 thoughts on “Oh, April

  1. Kristy says:

    Love your #2 *cough* lol! 🙂

    my list that spans today and thru the month:

    -Get updated Biz Cards (Moo.com has a sale thru the 11th!)
    -Finish all my samples for the stamps
    -Finish getting the living room settled (waiting on the new furniture to do that one)
    -Get ready for Mondays launch party
    -draft tons of posts
    -Convince DH to take a couple extra days off
    -Get everything ready for my son's bday in just over a week.

    That's it for now at least lol 🙂

  2. Frances says:

    Tag vendor! Check out


    She doesn't charge extra for doing custom tags if you have your own logo, but she also has some really cute pre-made designs.

    But, this is who I used for a couple reasons: 1- the tag can't be cut out & 2- they aren't itchy and they are extremely durable.


    She also does custom designs for free. Good Luck on your list, I'll see ya around 🙂


  3. Bonita Rose says:

    I am hoping for some labels too.. and hey girlie… sign up for the SEW IN COLOR PROJECT.. registration is ending soon! WOuld love to hv you participate wtih us… hugs and send u some fabric! bonitarose

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