What I’m Loving

I’m going to do my best to make this post as short as possible because according to my darling husband …I love everything. *rolls eyes* 
So you could only imagine how difficult  it is for me to choose my  favorite trends!
Here we go.
Fashion: My top three trends right now are lace, punk influences and the seventies.

Beauty: I wear some of the most obnoxious nail polish colors to say that I work in an office, but it makes me smile. My top three picks this week:
Music: My hubby has recently introduced me to “nerdcore” and other types of video game based music. I fought the urge to dance along at first, but I would find myself singing the songs when he wasn’t around. Its just fun music. If you play a lot of video games or did when you were younger, you would probably appreciate these people even  more than I do.
Listen to “The Hounds” if you decide to go to their website. I promise that you’ll find yourself swaying and throwing up jazz hands. (seriously) LOL. My favorite song of theirs is “Father of Death” (its not scary) because the female vocalist is able to show off how much of a powerhouse she is. Their songs tell a story if you listen to them in order…that’s what Mike says anyway. I’m usually too busy dancing along to pay that much attention.
I hope that y’all enjoy my picks!
*source for fashion trend photos 

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