I’m Back

So, I’m officially nominating myself as Worst Blogger of the Month. My “to-do” of blogging more turned into a big “DID NOT-do” in one week. While I haven’t fallen off the planet,  I have been held captive at my sewing machine for the last week. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on.


I’m obsessed with animal prints!
Fresh off the sewing machine
Y’all know this wouldn’t be an Earl post without a fuzzy, cell phone shot. LOL. The first pic isn’t bad though. 
*pats self on back* Ha! 
I’m working on a tutorial for my “Dirty Girl’s Wallet” and dream to have it posted soon.
(you don’t have to be a “dirty girl” to make the wallet…I just really like the way it sounds. hehe)
In the hopes that my tutorial doesn’t turn into an epic fail, what other types of diy tutorials would y’all like to see here?

4 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Louana says:

    Yeah, the first pic is good, nice colors on that purse!

    I know about the DID-NOT-DO blog list… My personal blog is suffering, it's needs to be updated, a lot!

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