A Little Bit of Earl

I  realized recently that I post about things that I buy, sew or love but never mention anything personal. I’m not a mushy- gushy girl so I probably won’t ever have posts that are “deep” because I like to make people smile and laugh. My life is by no means perfect. We all have problems and bad days and/or weeks. I just wanted to share a few facts about me, so if you’re interested…stay tuned.
1. My first name is actually Whitney. When my mom was pregnant she didn’t know what to name me, especially considering the fact that I was a surprise. (she thought that she had a stomach virus LOL) The only name she could think of was Boo. Yes, my mother wanted my God given name to be Boo. Thankfully, I had an older brother who didn’t want my head to be swirled in a toilet by bullies so he suggested “Whitney” as a name. 
2. Earl-Leigh is a combination of my Uncle Richard’s middle name and my own. My mom doesn’t believe in middle names because she hates hers, so my siblings and I only had first and last names. I don’t think she realized that Whitney was going to be such a common first name. Oh well! When Mike and I got married I was super psyched about naming myself. I talked about it EVERYDAY and everyday “my new name” would change. Until I landed on Leigh. My Uncle Richard passed away almost a year ago from cancer. He was a big man and full of life and opinions until he got sick. A few months after he died, I was thinking about what I wanted to name my indie biz and Earl-Leigh just came to me. And it just made sense. I couldn’t imagine it being anything else. 

3. I swear…a lot. Its like my version of meditation.
4. I take more pictures of my dog, Shira, than of any person I know. She’s super cute.
5. I love old movies and music from the 20s to 80s. Old school Cher is the best. I like to swing my hair and sing in my best Cher voice when Mike isn’t around. Don’t even get me started on my love for Celine Dion. 
6. I’m tinkle-shy (TMI, sorry) so I hum/sing in the ladies room. I do not like going to the ladies room in packs because I don’t like having conversations in there. That’s just weird to me. 

If you’ve made it through my prattling, you deserve praise and a cookie  cupcake but all I have are pictures. Ha!
Typical “Duck Face” Pose

Silly Faces with The Boy

  In the words of a dear friend, “later tater(s)!”

8 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Earl

  1. patience says:

    i am sooo very much with you on the personal posts opinion. i always post about beautiful things and things that inspire me but only recently (probably because i got married and wanted to share stuff about my wedding), did i start writing a tiny bit more personally. it's hard though isn't it?

  2. Dondrea says:

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your private life! I must admit we have #3 in common. I work on toning it down every now and then, but you're right … it's meditation! Lol!

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