Take A Look

The Windowshop Wednesday store for the week chosen by Katie at The Katie Chronices is Barnes and Noble. I don’t always get a chance to sit down and enjoy reading for pleasure, but these are a few books I really want to get my hands on:
Fun weekend projects
Y’all Jo-ann had a sale recently where all fat quarters were $.99 AND they let me use coupons. I walked out of that place with two big bags of fat quarters and no money! Ha! I got home, started sorting them by color families and then Mike walked in the room.
 Mike: “what are you going use all that on?”
Me: (slightly panicked) “LOTS of things, Michael. I do sew you know.”
 Then I freaked out silently, because I realized that I still had no storage for said fabric and no set project in mind other than Christmas ornaments. I really need this book.
I’m short so finding clothes that fit well can be a problem.
I’m in love with their website, so I can’t wait for the book’s release.
I need to get book 3 of the Harper Connelly series by Charlaine Harris.
What are you reading these days?

One thought on “Take A Look

  1. Manda Jane says:

    I love Charlaine Harris!! I just started reading the Harper books after being obsessed with the Sookie books – of course! Wish I could help you with your fabric dilemma – my Grandmother is in town and I might finally learn how to use my sewing machine!!!

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