I’m linking up with Katie again this week for Windowshop Wednesday. 
 *drum roll*
She chose IKEA.com!
Can I be real with y’all? When Mike and I moved into our little love nest, we were broke! Between wedding expenses, the deposit, first month’s rent, food and kitchen accessories our heads were spinning. We had to wait a week after moving in for our mattress to get delivered. We didn’t want to sleep on the floor for a week and didn’t have a couch anyway so we bought a futon. Y’all, I am in horror about that thing almost 2 years later. It’s located in the living room and after all of Mike’s XBOX fits (you know when people are ranting during video games and throwing their bodies all over the place) the metal frame is just destroyed. When we have company, my anxiety level is through the roof because I obsess over the futon just crumbling to the ground. With all that said. My wishlist:

It’s not pretty, but its a sleeper sofa. And I can add pillows and a  throw
A nicer option …for $800 more than the first one.
I like this one because it would hide Shira’s white fur.
I even found some cool fabric for my new pillows!
 Now I want to go the actual store so that I can try out the white one. Its my fave!

It’s not too late to link up! 
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3 thoughts on “IKEA

  1. mama marchand says:

    Girl, we have an IKEA about 10 minutes from us and I could live there. Most of our furniture is from there! Having a toddler makes for some pretty serious messes so I'm thankful we haven't spent a lot of money on our furniture. 🙂

  2. Elle The Heiress says:

    Oh man. I'm going to try my best to tell this story without confusing you.

    My husband and I bought our house in 2008, then in January 2010 he had to move 8 hours away to Illinois for work. After a few months of him being out there, I decided (in May) to pack up the kid and move, too. We knew it was temporary, for about a year, so we kept our house and had house sitters living here. But, because it was a year, we couldn't live as a family on husby's camping chair and air mattress so we packed up our sofa, bed, and things to move with us. Well, because our house sitters abruptly moved out in July (or August?) I was forced to move back home with our 1.5 year old…but the sofa stayed there because husby couldn't bear to part with it.

    Oh, and did I mention that I was pregnant? So then I was living in my own house again, with a toddler, I was pregnant, and I just want to sleep all day but the central AC was broken so we couldn't stay upstairs where the bed is because it was freaking 90 million degrees up there. Because we were also newlyweds, young, and broke, the only chair we had was a really nice, fancy, zebra print one that we got as a wedding gift. It was not comfortable at all. I FINALLY got my sofa back in January of this year when husby moved back home, one month before my baby was born.

    Soooo…I feel your pain! Not having a sofa is a huge inconvenience! LOL

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