Inspiration Workshop: Gardening

The prompt for this weeks’ Inspiration Workshop is Gardening
When I was little, I had an obsession for the movie “The Secret Garden”. Every time I watched the movie I would get so jealous that I didn’t have such a lovely area in my backyard. After listening to me go on and on about how we didn’t have pretty flowers, my mom bought me supplies so that I could plant a few. I thought that I was one step closer to my garden, but then I learned something about myself a few weeks later…I do NOT have a green thumb. I still have no clue if I over watered the tulips or if I didn’t add enough fertilizer. Either way, nothing sprouted.
My dream house would have a backyard garden made for hosting parties (and a gardener). Could you imagine having a daughter and throwing tea parties in some of these gardens? I sure can!  
                                     Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

                               Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

                                 Source: via Whitney on Pinterest
                                      Source: via Martha on Pinterest
Do you have any gardening tips or horror stories?
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7 thoughts on “Inspiration Workshop: Gardening

  1. Dallas says:

    UMM okay I have a garden horror story….because I really really hate creepy crawly bugs, one day while weeding my garden I came across a GRUB! I totally freaked ie: screaming, crying, and doing a weird scared dance….GRUBS ARE GROSS! Ha sorry…your post is beautiful!!

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