Inspiration Workshop: Family Room

I’ve been mentioning home decor and redecorating more on here lately, so it seemed like this week’s Inspiration Workshop! prompt was made for me. Mike and I spent three whole hours furniture shopping on Sunday before we found a couch that we both liked. I know that some people are thinking, “crazy girl, keep looking!”. But…I just can’t do it. LOL. Testing couches is way more exhausting than I thought it would be. (not to mention how picky BOTH of us were. Whaaat?!.) We’re hoping to have the couch delivered to the apartment on Saturday morning. It’s a cushy, chocolate brown couch that was built for snuggling, video game playing, and movie watching. So long Mr. Futon! I don’t have any pictures of our undecorated living space, but as we turn it into a room that reflects our love and personality I will definitely share! Until then, here are some pretty family rooms that have cool, eclectic vibes.

The last one is pretty much a dream! Mike would not be a fan of that much pink, but I think its darling!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
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What is your decorating style?

12 thoughts on “Inspiration Workshop: Family Room

  1. Simone Howell says:

    Love the top two photos. we are going to be shopping for a new couch soon too….didn't really think about having the hubby “try it out” I was gong to purchase on style alone! lol! ay have to rethink my approach!

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