Weekend Wrap-up and Updates

This weekend has been hectic! My lovely friend, Katie had a two night birthday celebration and we watched the Cocks vs Vandy game on Saturday.  I’m now worn out on the couch, listening to Shira snore her life away.
 I’m gonna back it up a little bit:
On Friday, we had dinner at a local tapas bar. Which is just a fancy way of saying, we had overpriced appetizers for dinner.
Yummy Tuna Salad
Cheese Ravioli

In between all the celebrations, The Boy and I went looking for more furniture Saturday morning. I’m hoping to have the coffee table of my dreams custom built, but just in case, I’m still looking at what stores have to offer. (Right now we have coffee table from IKEA that we got at a yard sale, for $7, two years ago.) While I didn’t see any coffee tables that I liked, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this baby:
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine
I managed to squeeze in some sewing. I’m really excited to be working with an amazing designer to spruce up this blog and get my shop up and running (finally).
Love this zippy pouch for Fall
I recently received some hair clips from Amanda’s Etsy shop in the mail, so I’m going to take a few minutes to model them and plan outfits. I wonder if Mike will fuss if I move the big mirror over to the couch, so that lazy bones (moi) can stop getting up. Ha! Don’t judge me, its Sunday!
Sorry guys…frizzy hair and no makeup today. SC has been getting a lot of rain lately!
 Do y’all immediately go home from the mall or store dreaming up outfits also?

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