Inspiration Workshop: DIY

Because I like to complicate my life, my dream is to have a completely handmade Christmas ( okay, maybe 70% handmade and 30% store bought). I started making ornaments in the middle of November last year, thinking that I would have enough time to hand stitch everything before Thanksgiving. I was so wrong. I made 4 birds and 5 gingerbread men before I realized that my plans were too ambitious. I didn’t get my sewing machine until after Thanksgiving…in case you were wondering. I do not like to torture myself. LOL. The Sudduths (my hubby and I) are starting early this time around. He thinks I’m a little nutso for planning two holidays in advance, but I have BIG plans. Ha!Β 
These are some of the projects I have on my to-do list:
I made some bird ornaments last year, but I really love these!


This one is similar to last year’s ornaments. I’m going to look through my photos and post a pic if I can find one.

I’ll try to tone down the Christmas cheer a wee bit because we have a couple months left. BUT in November, I’m going full force. LOL. Just be glad you don’t work with me, I’ve already started playing Christmas music!

Do you get excited about the holidays?
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

13 thoughts on “Inspiration Workshop: DIY

  1. theolivetree says:

    my daughter has been playing Christmas music too! The weather has been so nice so our windows are open…the neighbor must think we are nuts…lol…but I love it so, so I don't stop her πŸ™‚ Super excited about the Holidays!

  2. Nicole says:

    LOVE that first picture! I am making a lot of handmade gifts this year… I want to blog about them, but I know that people that will be receiving these gifts will read! ha!

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