Halloweenie Makeup

Hey y’all! I cannot wait for tomorrow evening. The Boy and I are going to a costume party! I love dressing up for Halloween, its fun to step outside of your usual self. Mike decided to dress up as a zombie apocalypse survivor (we love zombie movies) this year. He had an old brown trench coat from last year’s costume so he’s recycling it and we bought a pair of goggles, army boots and a machete. Yeah…my darling husband HAD to have a machete to make his costume look “authentic”. Ugh! Please pray that we don’t get arrested. LOL.

I prefer cute costumes, so I’m dressing up as a doll baby. I found a really cute dress at Goodwill for $6 to base my look around. I should have pictures posted here by Monday at the latest!

While perusing Pinterest I found some really awesome Halloween makeup ideas and wanted to share them with y’all.

Source: etsy.com via Whitney on Pinterest
My doll makeup is going to be similiar to the last photo. I’ve almost perfected the lips.


Are you dressing up this year?


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