That One Time: Tantrum

In the last Inspiration Workshop! post I mentioned being bratty about who we spent the holidays with…my family or The Boy’s. Well I decided to “be real” and give y’all an example. May I use the “baby of the family” excuse before I go on?

Mike’s mom decided that she wanted to host Thanksgiving at her house one year. I told Mike that we could celebrate with her, but we would have to leave right after dinner to head to my mom’s house. Do you see where this is going?

The days leading up to Thanksgiving, I would poke my head in the fridge looking for the turkey. I wouldn’t see one. Finally gathering the courage, I walked up to Faye (my mom-in-law) and asked her where the turkey was. She told me that we weren’t having turkey. I nodded and said “okay”…thinking that we were going to have ham. Which led to me thinking MY mom bakes a ham at Christmas time.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving morning, I got up to see if Faye wanted any help in the kitchen. (I was living with her for a while..that’s a different post. Ha!) I walked into the kitchen expecting to find the ham in the oven or her glazing the thing. But I saw chicken and some other type of meat. My. Mouth. Hit. The. Floor. I don’t handle change easily. I was panic stricken and I don’t have a poker face.

Seeing my bugged eyes she realized that no one told me about how “they” celebrated Thanksgiving. She makes Caribbean style food. Whaaat!?! She pointed to a menu she stuck on the fridge: curried chicken, curried goat, black beans and rice, okra corn and tomatoes.

I looked just like that. Now, I’m not the most traditional person out there but it was Thanksgiving! At the dinner table, I was surrounded by foods that I had never tried AND there was no pumpkin pie. They were all excited because it was their tradition (they aren’t Caribbean, in case you were wondering). The food was excellent but it was so unlike what I was used to…I couldn’t fully enjoy it. I know, I know.

After dinner we drove down to my mom’s house where we had turkey and all the fixin’s. It probably goes without saying, but Mike and I had a little talk before we went midnight shopping. I apologized for being bratty and he apologized for not prepping me. Faye has since incorporated some my staples into her usual holiday menu so that everyone is satisfied. Building connections can be hard work but its worth it!

Also, thank you to all of you who come to visit! I love making new friends and I’ve truly met some awesome people since I’ve started blogging. I’m working on a surprise as a way to show my appreciation! Have a lovely day!!  


2 thoughts on “That One Time: Tantrum

  1. Valerie says:

    LOL. I am such a picky eater that I avoid all Thanksgiving dinners unless I am making them. Honestly, I don't even like Thanksgiving foods that much except for mashed potatoes. I like a mashed potato base for my plate. You know, like a layer of mashed potatoes covering the whole plate. LOL. I've never been to a house that has enough mashed potatoes for me and all of the rest of the guests.

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