Santa Baby

Y’all, my Christmas Wishlist changes daily. I’m like a big kid. The Boy made me email him my list yesterday, and I cringed because I wasn’t ready yet. I don’t want a lot, I just think of things I want more.

These are some items from my Pinterest  Christmas Wishlist board, only one of them was sent to The Boy. I think. 

I love these skinny jeans! I can never find jeans that fit well, I just KNOW that these will. Ha!

This is my favorite piece of jewelry from HRH Collection, its called “The Twilight”. Alex makes every lovely piece of jewelry herself and I’m dying for a new necklace.

I’ve probably shown these shoes before, but that’s just how much I love them. My mother would hate these  and call them Herman The Munster shoes. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. (She fancies herself to be a comedienne.)

With this bad boy, I could take some ah-mazing photos to share with y’all. Don’t worry, if Santa Hubby doesn’t bring it for Christmas…I’ll buy it. I need a new camera desperately.


But, I’m a very practical person so I’m trying to talk him into getting packaging supplies and organizational tools as my Christmas present. It’s stuff that I need and don’t want to buy. Believe me, I will be excited. You should  have seen me when my new Washi tape came in the mail. Ha!

Happy Tuesday!

One thought on “Santa Baby

  1. Manda Jane says:

    oh dear lady – I feel your pain! the other day David asked, “what's not on your list?” Every time I find something and I'm like “this is it” then I find something even more rad the next day!

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