Get Fit Chick- The Check In #1

I decided to keep myself accountable in all aspects of my life instead of just with, so I’m doing weekly posts to include y’all in my journey. As of last week, I’ve lost a total of 4lbs. That may not seem like a lot, but when you’re 5’2″…every pound counts. I’m still trying to figure out at what point I’ll check my measurements again. Maybe monthly or biweekly?

What I’m doing:
Have any of y’all done “Insanity” before?!! OMG. My whole body was in ache-mode like a beast when I started last week. Seriously. The Boy decided that he wanted to do the program with me, so my “60 day challenge” is going to be a little longer than what Shaun T intended. I am excited about having him as a fitness buddy though. Don’t quote me on that when I’m complaining about him being my buddy next week.

We decided to be “bad” on Saturday by getting Japanese food (chicken teriyaki with extra shrimp sauce). He got sick from food poison. I’m talking, I’ve been cleaning since Sunday morning sick. That means he won’t be able to take the challenge with me so I’m doing the Tone It Up “Sweet and Sexy Valentine’s Day Workout” and following this month’s calendar until he gets better. All I can say is…my abs (or where my abs should be. ha!) hurt.

Goal 1:
My first short term goal is to lose an inch off my waist before my birthday. I was joking with one of our graduate assistants this morning about taking “Biggest Loser” style before and after photos. Don’t worry, I won’t post any of them here. Hehe!

If you made any goals for the year, have you started and stuck with them? 
Happy Tuesday!


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