Get Fit Chick- Check In #2

It’s time for another update! My weight is the same as last week (4 pound loss) and I still haven’t taken measurements for this month. I’m still feeling good though because my pants are fitting looser. Which is awesome!

The Boy finally got better from the restaurant food poisoning incident so we started “Insanity” as a couple last night. I worked my booty off more with him around than I did by myself. I was wiped out. On the floor…panting…and looking ten shades of sexy. That was two truths and a lie. Ha! We refueled with some coconut water because I’ve sworn off sports drinks due to all of the sugar. Coconut water is very refreshing and jam packed with all of the electrolytes and potassium your body craves post workout. I’m able to drink it now without frowning. For some reason, I thought that because I like pina coladas I would love coconut water. Don’t use that logic. They don’t taste similar at all.

Before switching back to Insanity, I was doing the Tone It Up workout for February  along with yoga and Pop Pilates. Both of them will work your body! Pop Pilates is fun because Cassey Ho, the instructor, uses pop music in the routines. She has even choreographed an ab and leg workout to Lady Gaga that involves high heels and a leotard. Oh, yes ma’am!

That’s Cassey modeling her gorgeous gym bag! When I get to a total loss of 10 pounds, this bag is gonna be all mine.

Happy Tuesday! 
Oh, also…there’s a fantastic giveaway happening right now on Heather’s blog, Finding Beauty in the Ordinary.  The winner takes all! 


3 thoughts on “Get Fit Chick- Check In #2

  1. Manda Jane says:

    okay, you're my total hero! good job lady and stick with it! I cannot motivate myself to work out. It just doesn't seem like a lot of fun! lol. and that bag – you need it, so keep it up!

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