Get Fit Chick- Check In #3

Hey y’all! Today marks another week of accountability for me.
Last week, I was getting really discouraged. The first few pounds came off with ease and then I hit a wall. Every time I stepped on the scale I would see the SAME number. I was beyond frustrated because I was busting my booty doing “Insanity” and I was mindful about what I consumed. I let my buddies from know, and Jessica told me to just go ahead and measure. Guess what?! She was right! I’m down two inches and feeling super motivated. 
The Boy and I were sore all last week from Insanity. The program is intense and well….insane! My entire body felt the workouts and I counted down the days for me to finally have my new shoes in hand. After checking out several options, I bought these shoes:
I love them! They are extremely comfortable and they were on sale. Because they’re training shoes, I feel less impact doing the cardio exercises Shaun T tortures you with. Ha! These shoes are supposed to “mimic barefoot movement”. Most other shoes hinder the flexibility of your feet, making workouts strenuous on them. (If you’re doing a training program like Insanity, I highly recommend investing in a pair.) 

                                     Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

Happy Tuesday!


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