Get Fit Chick- Check In #4

                                         Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

I broke my plateau! I’ve lost a total of 5 pounds and 2 inches since I started my fitness journey last month. That means I have a few more to go before I can buy my new gym bag. *happydance happydance*

Last night, Mike and I did our second “fit test” and I was shocked at the results. During the workouts, I feel like a loser. There are times when I have to take a breather and I just never feel that I’m doing a good enough job. Y’all I kicked some booty last night. I improved by double in some of the workouts like the side planks. But that just means I have to work even harder in order to get a better number next time. Being awesome has its downside. Ha!

We took our measurements and man are we getting beefy. I have a mesomorph body type, which means I look like She Hulk when I work out a lot. Let me tell ya, my biceps have GROWN because of those dang push-ups, push-up jacks, v push-ups and moving push-ups. Yes, moving push-ups because just doing the normal ones aren’t hard enough in Shaun T’s opinion. My thighs have grown a little too, which is the opposite of what I’d like but they’re more muscular so I guess that works too.

Because I love y’all…here’s a picture of me post workout…looking like a hot sweaty mess. You’re welcome. Ha!

Happy Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Get Fit Chick- Check In #4

  1. Manda Jane says:

    keep kicking butt! i've been inspired by all this to make some healthier habit changes in my life. Not going all insane workouts, but definitely working on making some better choices. And we are starting off small, by just walking in the evenings!

  2. lil miss Sauniya' says:

    haha i like the picture 🙂
    it good you making progress.. and ever better you're not giving up. i love exercising coz i love pushing myself when it gets hard and my body hurts, it makes me feel like am archeiving somethin.. like am stronger than the pain and the difficulty.. and well, there is the staying fit part of it 🙂
    Keep up with the good work, it sounds pretty great already 🙂

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