Get Fit Chick- Check In #6

Finally, finally…we made it through a month of Insanity! Ding dong, Hallelujah, someone sound the bells please. I did not think the recovery week would ever get here. Let me tell ya, last week was HARD. Mike had to push me. I probably burned 150 calories from pouting alone because I’m really good at it. Seriously though, I was tired! I didn’t feel well and after pounding my body into the ground…I was OVER it. The Boy wouldn’t let me give me up. He pointed out how silly it would be for me to stop after doing the program for weeks just because I was having a pity party. I needed that. He’s been the best accountability buddy ever!

I don’t have any stats to share this week because I’m all bloated from my monthly. Sorry, there’s no delicate way to phrase that and these posts are about realness anyway…right?!

I’m going to be posting a quick and delicious meal on Thursday, courtesy of The Boy. He made a fantastic Wild Mushroom and Garlic Pizza that even a mushroom hater (like myself) will enjoy.

Happy Tuesday!


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