Get Fit Chick: Check In #10

I’ve been in a funk lately. I’m trying to snap out of it because I really do have a blessed life, but I have been in “woe is me” mode for a couple of weeks. This mood has left me completely uninspired and sick to death of Insanity. I’m gonna be really honest right now…I’m ready to be done with the program. I think that its awesome and I’m loving the results, but I’m sick of working out six days a week. The upside? We only have two weeks left and then I’m starting ChaLean Extreme. Are you sensing a pattern here with my workouts? They’re either insane or extreme. Ha! 

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 I’m still stuck at 9lbs lost but my diet has sucked lately. I had Mexican food on Friday when my favorite redhead came to visit and we went out again on Saturday. Because I was getting better results when I didn’t consume any alcohol (I know, I know) I’m cutting it from my diet. Your body burns the alcohol first, leaving fats and carbs sitting on your thighs. That’s where my food ends up anyway. Hehe! 
Where are you with your goals for 2012? Let’s hold each other accountable! 

Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Get Fit Chick: Check In #10

  1. Kristen says:

    I'm starting ChaLEAN Extreme in June. I can't wait to get your thoughts on it, and see what results you get. Hang in there girl, it is so inspiring the way you are sticking to your plan.

  2. eef says:

    I'm trying to up my cardio this month to get off the extra fat–I'm also reducing my calories. This means I am not having a fun month so far. haha

    Tonight I'm going out to dinner and drinks with friends, I just hope I don't undo everything!

  3. Tranae says:

    I have been a really bad girl these last couple of days. I have to get back to clean eating. I felt some kind of way about Insanity. I ended up giving it away. Charlene's Turbo Fire is a good one.

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