It’s Ok…{promise}

Its ok…
That we cancelled cable…we didn’t watch it (I like Netflix and Roku is AWESOME)
That we spoil our pupster, we don’t have kids so she’s soaking up the love
That I don’t want to buy a house until we’ve lived in a new city for a year. 
To be nervous about change.
To not try controlling every aspect of life (because that cant happen). 
To already have my outfit planned for a wedding I just found out about last night. =)
That I call my hubby silly names and sing to my dog in the morning (she has her own song).
That I carry an emergency nail kit in my purse just in case I chip a nail.  

Its Ok Thursdays

What are you okay with?
Happy Thursday!


7 thoughts on “It’s Ok…{promise}

  1. Manda Jane says:

    I sing songs to my dogs all the time! Totally okay! It's ok that take 15 minutes after work to drive around and have some 'me' time before walking in the door at home and dealing with all the chaos! 😉

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