Baby Brain

I’ve been baby crazy for the last few months. KA-razy! The Boy holds his breath when a pregnant woman is within 20 feet of us because he gets “the look” from me. My right eyebrow arches into my hairline and I start looking from said pregnant lady to The Boy (its the silent form of “do you see what I’m seeing”). I know that we aren’t ready yet because there are a few things on our list we want to cross off before we seriously contemplate parenthood. With that said…here are some really cute ideas for parents or wannabes like me.

I think that most people would get a kick out of seeing how their interests developed throughout the years. Plus Zoot is a complete riot! 
This is pure genius! I dont have any kids *cough* but seeing the activity around new moms makes me love this idea. I could only imagine taking care of a newborn and entertaining a toddler at the same time! Seriously, if you have someone in your life who is expecting check this out. I have a few to make myself! 
This is probably my favorite baby announcement ever! Its simple and playful. My only problem…I wouldn’t be able to hold that secret long enough to announce it cleverly. 
Happy Monday!
Are you baby crazed also? 


8 thoughts on “Baby Brain

  1. Tranae says:

    You sound like me. The other day I was in the baby section of Kohl's picking out clothes. My husband found me over there and asked who I was shopping for. Honestly, I was thinking about buying some things just in case we ever need it but I didn't have the heart to tell him that. lol He thinks I have lost my mind.

  2. Nitzalie says:

    I remember having Baby Fever!! Ahh..Babies was all I thought about:) My hubby thought I was losing my mind the amount of times I brought the matter up.. look at us, with our little Peanut. Can't wait to follow you on that journey (once the time is right, of course!)

  3. Manda Jane says:

    I am baby crazed as well – which is completely insane since we have 4 kiddos in the house already. But there is just something about having my very own. I can't wait!

  4. Kristen says:

    The announcement is so cute! I suck at keeping secrets too, so I probably will never get the chance to make that kind of announcement. Happy Monday!

  5. Dondrea says:

    I'll admit to having the fever. It must be in the internet air! 🙂 We certainly have a few things to get in order before we move forward so that it'll be smooth sailing – minus the late night feedings, cloth diapers, and whatnot. Lol!

  6. Amira says:

    YES! I'm constantly thinking of how we'd announce it, and different photoshoots I'll do with the future children. I have the fever in a bad way.

  7. caz says:

    I am the complete opposite of baby crazed!! Can one be baby uncrazed?? Or nonbaby crazed??!!

    I only like cute baby things… not necessarily the baby that goes along with them!! XD

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