Currently Obsessed: Fashion

So my wonderful OB told me to pump my brakes fitness-wise. His suggestion is that i walk briskly (in 90 degree weather…me thinks not) and do a crap ton of repetitions with light weights. Boo! This same man told me…resident pregnant lady…to eat a banana for a snack instead of something like a Snickers bar. Hmph! We eat a healthy diet the majority of the time, but as someone who’s just getting her appetite back i’m eating a dang candy bar if i really want one. I’m gonna eat the hell out of it as a matter of fact. Ha!
While I don’t have a bump yet, I keep daydreaming about not being able to see my feet anymore. Is that normal? My favorite outfits of late:
I love this Dorothy Perkins Dragonfly print dress and its on sale right now!
kimmiexsweetie:  Maria’s summery backside.
I used to hate shorts. Hate them. For our camping trip last month i had to buy a couple pairs because it was too hot for jeans. My mind has been changed forever. I love colored, denim shorts. I bought a pair of neon green ones from Forever 21. The Boy had a fit a couple weekends ago when I decided to wear them. He was shocked that a “pregnant woman would wear booty shorts”. *eyeroll* My mother would probably agree with him, but i’m wearing those suckers until i start looking like a wal-martian. I worked hard to lose weight, i’m going to enjoy it while i can. 😉
I’m really digging the high-low trend. One of my childhood friends is getting married next month so this is hands down a wedding outfit contender.  
Is there a fashion trend or article of clothing you’re on the fence about?
Happy Tuesday! 
I’m still going to do fitness updates as Mike will continue the ChaLEAN Extreme experience. I’ll do what I can, but we’re at the point of the program where you are lifting heavy. I’m still going to the gym to get my cardio on so we’ll see where the months take us.


3 thoughts on “Currently Obsessed: Fashion

  1. A Haute Mommy says:

    What no candy bar? He must be crazy. I thought being pregnant means eating what you want when you want it. Well I did lol. However I do understand the importance of eating heathy while pregnant and next time around I will be more conscious of what I eat. And I won't even tell you how many candy bars I ate while pregnant. I'm just too ashamed to admit it lol. Lately I have been wearing dresses and that all I feel comfortable in. Mainly because I can't fit my jeans anymore and the pants I can fit make me feel fat. Ok I'm not fat but can you believe I gained almost 20 lbs in 6 months. How could that be? Thank God I'm tall so I don't look it.

  2. Lauren {Adventures in Flip Flops} says:

    Clearly your OB has never been pregnant. I mean, I don't know how you can go to an OB/GYN who is a guy anyways, simply because he will NEVER have these problems. Ever. Eat a banana….YOU try baking a baby and THEN tell me to eat a banana, mmk? Nevermind that *I* have also never been pregnant. I *could* be one day. This all makes sense in my head, I promise!

  3. Liz says:

    haha oh man. earlier this year i joined the gym wanting to get fit, and pretty much like the day after found out i was pregnant. needless to say my workouts are very boring and subdued!

    plus i always eat unhealthy stuff lol. i tell myself that as long as i'm ALSO eating the healthy stuff it must all be fine!!

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