What Not to Ask a Pregnant Lady

Yesterday morning The Boy took me to Chick-fil-a so that I could get chicken minis before work. I walk into my department smiling in anticipation of my yummy breakfast and I speak to my coworker and supervisor. Someone from another department within my organization was present, let’s call her…Sheila. I put my purse down and walk over to the group holding my four count of minis. 
Sheila stares at my hand, mouth agape and goes, “are you really going to eat all of that bread?” 
My mind starts racing with everything I could say to her in response, but none of them were very ladylike. After a little hesitation I came up with, “well i’m pregnant, so i really doubt that a little bit of bread will kill me.”
Seriously! Who would ask someone that question?!

Has someone ever said/asked anything that you found completely shocking?

Happy Tuesday! 


3 thoughts on “What Not to Ask a Pregnant Lady

  1. Tranae says:

    Congrats! I'm so happy for you.

    I eat all the bread from my chickin minis and I don't even have the excuse of being pregnant. Those little suckers are good.

    As for rude questions. Somebody asked me if I was barren, I was like WTF? Who in their right mind would asks someone a question so personal.

  2. mistergandme says:

    Rude Gus!!! Food police, seriously. Sorry about your experience!

    Last night I went out to dinner with my hubby and the waitress asked me if I wanted a box crazy prematurely. It was really awkward and I felt super embarrassed- and hungry too!

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