Embarrassing but True (TMI Post)

Click on the picture to make it bigger. 🙂 

The Boy recently posted another comic strip about our experiences with pregnancy. No one told me that pregnancy would cause as many changes to your body as it does. My thought process was: I’ll gain some weight, may get some swelling, there’s morning sickness and then baby comes. WRONG! You will have gas like you never had before. Mike and I prided ourselves on being together for 6 1/2years and married for over 2 without performing any bodily function in each other’s presence (burps excluded).
When “the gas” made it’s first appearance I nearly dropped dead. He made such a spectacle, you would have thought a skunk walked through the living room. It wasn’t that bad. Ha! (it was) 

Mike’s chronicling the pregnancy on his blog, so I’ll borrow some of the artwork to share with y’all. Even the embarrassing stuff. 


2 thoughts on “Embarrassing but True (TMI Post)

  1. Dondrea says:

    Haaaaa! I, too, am learning that pregnancy wreaks havoc on the body! I mean, geez. I think we were hoodwinked. 😉 Good luck with the gas. At least it's not trapped. Talk about painful …

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