Baby Essentials with A Haute Mommy

Y’all, one of my favorite people in blogland is here to share some well needed information. She’s sweet, sassy and HOT. I like to call her “A Hot Mommy” cuz I’m clever. Ha! 
Kim and Darling Daughters
Hi readers of Earl-Leigh Designs!  I’m Kim the blogger behind A Haute Mommy.  I’m excited to have my first guest appearance on such a wonderful blog.  I’m a stay at home mother of two girls ages 4 and 6 and I must say motherhood has taken over my life, in a good way of course.  One of the best decisions I could have ever made in life was to become a mom and I’m so excited that the blogger behind Earl-Leigh Designs is now joining the world of Motherhood.  As a new mom I’m sure she has many questions and probably a few concerns so I decided to share with her and her readers some New Mommy Must-Haves.

1.      Diaper Bag: Ok I know this is one of those things we all know we should have but this is one very important part of motherhood.  When picking a diaper bag size is important.  Too small doesn’t hold enough and too big gets in the way so pick a bag that is big enough to hold all the baby’s needs while out and yours too.  There’s no need to carry your purse with you because it just gets in the way.  Just throw your wallet, keys, and phone in the diaper bag too.

2.      Boppy: I breast fed both my daughters without bottles and a boppy became my best friend. It’s comfortable to have the baby in while feeding and it makes it so much easier.  I’m sure even bottle feeding moms can benefit from this as well. 
3.      Swing/Bouncer:  I had both a swing and bouncer for my daughters and they loved it.  It helps soothe them and keeps them entertained with the music, toys, and motions that they offer.  My daughters often fell asleep just swinging in their swing and it helped me get a lot done while they were occupied.

4.      Stroller:  Strollers are great for on the go with baby especially when you’re in the stores or doing a lot of walking.  I’ve carried babies around before while out and it’s not an easy task. There are so many types of strollers that it can make choosing one difficult.  A standard stroller that comes with a carrier is a great bargain and gets the job done.

5.      Baby Monitor:  Baby monitors are a great way to make sure the baby is safe and to alert you if the baby needs something.  It’s typical for moms to feel worried with the baby in the other room and baby monitors are a great way to keep an eye on your baby from a distance.  There are audio monitors and video monitors, but video monitors seem to be the best option because you get to see the baby at all times.

6.      Wipe Warmer: Nothing babies hate more than a cold wipe on their bottom so the wipe warmer was a great invention!  Its keeps the wipes nice and warm.  Sure you can’t take the wipe warmer everywhere you go but it’s great to have one at home. 
7.      Bottle Warmer: A bottle warmer is another great invention especially for late night feedings. It’s so much easier than having to boil water and there are portable options you can use as well that help make on the go feedings a breeze.

8.      Baby Bullet:  This is new to me but when I saw it I knew I would be purchasing one next baby I have.  Making your own baby food is a great way to save money and control what goes in your baby’s body. 
Those are just some of the things that I feel can greatly benefit new moms and a few of the things I wouldn’t want to go without.   They can definitely make your life as a mother easier.  As a new mom remember that it’s a learning experience for you so don’t stress over it and have lots of patience.  Most of all just enjoy your baby because they grow up too fast.  Motherhood is the best job you can ever have and nothing is better than being paid with love.
Thank you, Kim! This is excellent advice and I will take it with me come registry time! (I love those registry guns, so much fun.) The Boy and I are really into the idea of making our own baby food, so I’m definitely going to check out the Baby Bullet! 
You can find my lovely friend at the following places:
Twitter: HauteMommyKC
Instagram: HauteMommyKC
Happy Friday!!

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