Baby Gender!

i stole this from my hubby’s blog. i think that having my belly exposed to the world is payment enough. ha! (more stuff is on his blog)

We had a great doctor’s appointment last week. Our little girl is measuring right on target! This little girl did not want to cooperate during the ultrasound and boy did she let us know. The kicking. The punching. Ha! My favorite part was when she just got so mad at the Ultrasound Tech jiggle my tummy that she started scooting away! I almost melted. It is always such a joy to see how much she’s developed, but now that she actually looks like a baby (not a tadpole) and MOVES…gah! I’m counting down the days to January, so I can see this little one live in action.


5 thoughts on “Baby Gender!

  1. A Haute Mommy says:

    It's a girl! Yes! So exciting. You're going to have the best time shopping because there are so many things you can buy for little girls. Did you go shopping yet or at least looked? Isn't is so much better now that you can say our little girl and not just baby. I can't wait to find out. I have four weeks from today.

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