Prayers for My Baby (TMI Alert)

I Prayed for this Child Bible Verse Art Print

At a recent appointment, Mike and I were notified that my cervix was on the short side so we were scheduled for a two week follow-up. That appointment took place last Wednesday. Two days before Mike and I were set to move into our new place. Last week we got a new measurement and of freaking course that dang thing got thinner. I feel sorry for the Ultrasound Tech because I started bawling. Snot and tears flying everywhere, bawling. I’m a planner and my plans included a normal pregnancy. When they started throwing out terms like pre-term labor, bed rest and modified best I could not deal with that. I was worried about our baby, my health, my job and my husband. 
My OB scheduled yet ANOTHER appointment (this thursday) where we’ll find out if the “light activity” lifestyle he put me on worked. Between worrying about my cervix…a body part I clearly underestimated pre-pregnancy…and moving, this has been the most stressful week of our lives. I have a list of projects I want to get started on as soon as we get the all-clear on Thursday (i’m being hopeful). Mike and I found some really pretty fabric for the crib skirt so that is the first item on my agenda. I can’t wait to share!


7 thoughts on “Prayers for My Baby (TMI Alert)

  1. Elle The Heiress says:

    I didn't know that you are pregnant! Congratulations! I'm so sorry to hear about the complications, but I will definitely be praying. I'll send out a prayer request to the ladies in my bible study, too. There are five of us, two of which are pregnant (one just announced, one is due in just days).

  2. Michelle Eichelberger says:

    “I know what i'm doing, I have it all planned out-plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.” Jeremiah 29:11

    Continuing to pray for you and your family when I saw this scripture posted by one of prayer warrior relatives and immediately thought about you.

  3. Tia Brumbelow says:

    You know this baby is a gift from God and what He promised you he will not take away. I pray for a healthy baby and that she is nothing but perfect from head to toe!

    Mike and I actually have had a few complications too. We were diagnosed with moderate polyhyrdramnios and have had to have early contractions stopped a couple of times. These babies are ready to see the world early =) All I can say is, we serve this amazing God who is far above anyone , any doctor or any diagnosis! Take Care =)

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