Baby Update 2

Hey y’all! Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and prayers, they are all truly appreciated. The last few weeks have been challenging and nerve wrecking but I’m thankful to still be pregnant. 
I was admitted at 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I met with about five doctors in two days and one neonatal surgeon. The doctors had me on an IV because I was having contractions and was dehydrated (if you’re pregnant…drink up because dehydration can cause contractions). I was hooked to a contraction monitor, fetal heart rate monitor and leg compression machine. The nurses and my family were probably sick of seeing me cry but I was so freaked out. Going from never being in the hospital for something as small as a stitch to having to LIVE in the hospital for weeks and possibly months was too much to process. Honestly, after being here for three weeks I still haven’t fully come to grips with it. Not gonna lie, I still have my “why me” days where I throw the biggest dang pity parties that South Carolina has ever seen. I’m human. But then I come to grips with the fact that I’m not untouchable and bad things happen. Harper is still thriving inside me and that’s the most important thing. 
The doctors have slowly started changing my care. I’m no longer on a constant IV, I wear the contraction monitor until bedtime and they only monitor Harper’s heart rate for a few minutes a day. One doctor, who tries my patience like no other person walking the grounds of Earth, had me in the trendelenburg position. That basically means that I was flat on my back 24/7 with my head hanging lower than the rest of my body. I know that he was just doing his job but I cannot deal with him. He makes me want to scale the building and escape but I cant fit through my tiny window. Sidenote: don’t watch zombie apocalypse movies if you’re ever in the hospital. They make you evaluate your surroundings and tiny windows aren’t good.
 This whole “inherently insufficient cervix” situation just reaffirms that I’m surrounded by the most amazing people, Mike being number one. He helped me with my bedpan. Seriously. 

I’m still catching up on emails because I had no time for manners when I was pity partying. If you haven’t heard from me by now, please know that its coming in the next two days. Unless I get upset and have another party in which case…please excuse my tardiness in advance. 😉

I had a short vlog to go with this but it doesn’t want to cooperate. I’ll try posting it separately later.


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