Lazy Weekends are the BEST

Hey y’all! We’re still working on finding balance in the Sudduth household. The hubby is illustrating his booty off before heading to Heroes Con this June, so my sewing is taking a backseat for now. And that’s fine by me ‘cuz I love hanging out with our daughter! Not only that, marriage is a partnership. We treat each other as tag team partners because that’s the most efficient way of getting things done and keeping each other happy…that we’ve found. His goal is to have a ten page spread of “Making Baby”…the illustrations he used to chronicle the pregnancy…to show at the convention. When things got cray cray, with me being put in the hospital and Harper’s premature birth, he lost some of the focus to continue. Understandable. Now, he’s in full swing drawing, inking and whatever-else-you-need-to-do-to-make-a-comic-book mode again. Because we are so busy these days, the time we get as a family to just sit and breathe is the best! Enough of my prattling! 
I love this baby Gamecock onesie from Target! Boo…Clemson! 
Here’s a picture of Harper’s outfit for the day:
I’m linking up with Kenzie and Megan for Too Cute! Tuesday and Chelsea for Trendy Little.

What did you do this weekend? 

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