DIY Halloween {Sneak Peak of Harper’s Batgirl Costume}

Classic Batgirl? What does that even mean?…

I knew that I wanted Harper’s first Halloween costume to be a DIY project but had no clue as to what I wanted it to be. I love tutus so I at least knew that whatever costume we chose would have a tutu as the base. My ideas ranged from Iridessa or Tinkerbell to a mouse. Because my hubby is a comic book nerd (i say that with pride), he thought that Batgirl would be a cute costume. Cool. I started looking for black and yellow tulle, felt and onesies until he dropped the “classic” part.

I had to Google it. Classic Batgirl has a purple and yellow costume. (insert sigh)

Do you know how hard it’s going to be to find a onesie and tulle that are the purples I need? 
It shouldn’t be that hard.

It was that hard. Thankfully, some inexpensive Gerber onesies and fabric dye solved the problem.

She was invited to a friend’s costume, birthday party so I snapped a few photos. We’re going out with another family on Halloween so she’ll wear her mask then.

More pictures to come…

What DIY projects are you working on?


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