Less B!%$Hing, More DOing {2014}

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All around social media, I’ve seen “new year, new me” resolutions…which is great…BUT I’m aiming for a better me. I personally try to not make “resolutions” because I FAIL at them before February has ended. Too much commitment LOL. What I like to do is think of things I would like to improve upon and do my very best to make them happen. Short term and long term goals work better for me.

Instead of complaining about things in life I have control over (for the most part) I’m just fixin’ ’em now. Am I making it sound easy? I don’t mean to because I’m going to have to work my booty off in some cases.

Some goals of mine:
Nutrition & Fitness- my love of fitness has grown exponentially but I still need to work on my diet. Mike and I go to the market to get fresh produce at an affordable cost, I prep meals BUT if I have a stressful day…someone go get me a pint of cookies & cream ice cream please. That needs to stop or at least slow down.
Finances- make more, save more. Being out of work for five months, hospital bills and a car accident definitely left a mark on our savings so we need to fix that.
Decorating- with items we already have or through bargain shopping. I’m going to set a budget for the year and I want y’all to help to keep me accountable.

There are more goals on my list but this is where I’m starting.

Are you doing anything to create a life you love? Let’s do this!


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