That One Time I Posted Half-Nekkid Photos

Have you ever seen a “before” and “after” transformation that just spoke to you? No, me neither. Ha! But really, there are some transformation stories that just leave me in tears but don’t move me into action. Well, is hosting the 100k Transformation Challenge and my crazy self signed up for it. Lawd O’Mercy! One man and one woman will win each $50,000. Who couldn’t do without a few extra thousand laying in the bank?!

I said in a previous post that I’m creating a life that I love in 2014. A part of that life involves me twerking working on my fitness. I’m not usually the first person who would sign up for a challenge…I would talk myself out of it because I just knew that I wouldn’t win. I don’t know what tipped me over the edge, I didn’t have a life changing experience but I wish I could say that I did. I just logged into my Bodyspace account that had been sitting neglected for almost two years and signed up.

When they posted the rules, y’all, I damn dang near fainted. The mandatory before pictures were to be taken with 3/4 of your body exposed. Pictures were to be taken from the front, back and side. And the only Tootsie Rolls involved were the ones on my back. Ha! It took me a day and a half to build up enough courage to post those damn dang pictures to my account.

Some of you may be thinking “what’s the big deal? set your profile to private and keep it moving”. Nope! There is no privacy. Friends and other folks can see view your profile and make comments. I pushed forward and submitted the pictures anyway.

This is week two of the competition and I’m proud to announce that I’m down 1% body fat and one inch around my waist. I haven’t done the other measurements yet but will keep everyone posted.

If you’re on Bodyspace, feel free to add me as a friend or just click over to see what I’m up to. My plan is to blog about my upsets/challenges/successes here weekly.

Are you on a health/fitness journey? Let’s keep each other accountable. We got this!

5 thoughts on “That One Time I Posted Half-Nekkid Photos

  1. Cotton says:

    I am so proud of you! I don't know that I would have been brave enough to post those pictures!!! Please keep us updated…I can't wait to see where this journey takes you!

    (SITS Tribe!)

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