Doughnuts, A Pancake Butt and Booty Shorts {Lucy Activewear}

 photo c96464d6-794e-4e4b-ae85-73db3531eca6.jpg

This isn’t my official check-in but I was taking some progress pictures the other night and figured I would share. I still need to have one of our interns give me selfie lessons because this was one of my best. And yeah…

This past weekend, all I wanted was a doughnut. Just ONE glorious, sugary pastry is all I needed to make my life complete. We went to Dunkin’ on Sunday morning and I was able to walk away happily with a cup of coffee. I was doing really well and then it happened. The light. That red light outside of Krispy Kreme was on. I bought not one, but two of the most magnificent doughnuts I’ve ever tasted. I have no regrets. Life isn’t about deprivation.

I’m not saying that I’m going to go nuts everyday but it’s the first treat I’ve had in weeks. There it is…I confess! I just cant say “no” to Krispy Kreme.



7 thoughts on “Doughnuts, A Pancake Butt and Booty Shorts {Lucy Activewear}

  1. Earl-Leigh says:

    Ha! The debate almost didn't happen. I already KNEW what doughnut I would've gotten from Dunkin…the cookie dough stuffed heart. It just looks like it would taste good. Bikini Body Mommy on Facebook always has a challenge as do the Tone It Up girls. Love 'em both!

  2. Emma T says:

    There's always one treat you can't stay away from however well you do on fitness. For me, I really struggle with Christmas and Easter chocolates. I could have been doing really well, then they arrive in the shops, and it's downhill all the way.

    So good for getting back on the wagon after the 2.


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