Jesus, Google & Graphic Design

 photo jesusgooglecoffee.png

For the last few month’s I’ve been tinkering with the design of my blog. I’ve come up with so many ideas that I love…too many…so now I have to pare down the elements. And stop being chicken shit. I don’t know why, but I have this insane fear of screwing my blog up. I have the template saved an insane amount of times so its not like I can’t undone a mistake.

I think it boils down to not wanting people to think that I’m indecisive. Truthfully, I am. Some decisions are harder than others for me…especially when dealing with design. My husband’s an illustrator/designer so I’m always afraid that what I come up with won’t pass his critique. Which is silly because he’s not mean about it, but he’s so honest. Too honest. Ha! As a trained artist, he’s been taught to take constructive criticism and make necessary changes. I take it personally. That’s not a good thing.

It has hindered me from doing so much because I’ve always been afraid to put myself out there. In the past, I’ve said that I was going to stop this self-sabotaging behavior. What makes now any different? Being a mom has changed me in so many different ways and it’s time for me to be BOLD & FEARLESS. Because that’s the type of woman I want to raise Harper to be. We lead with our actions so its time for me to get active!

How have I done this so far? Well, I did post those half nekkid pictures. I think that counts for something. Ha! For now, I’m going to seriously work on my blog redesign.

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