In The Car Straight Flexin’

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So…I have a confession. It’s going to make me seem like the biggest douche in the world. 
I flex all of the freaking time now. It’s bad. Ha! My muscles are still tiny babies in the making
but I’m so proud of myself. I just can’t help it!
Yesterday in the car while Mike was driving, I just so happened to look down and my arms 
caught my attention. So I flexed. Mike (aka Flex Patrol) noticed what I was doing and decided 
to call me out. My response was “this is happening. in the car. i have no shame.” When we work
toward a goal and start seeing progress…it’s the best feeling ever. Right?! 
This is Week 4 of the 100k Transformation Challenge. Everyone on Bodyspace
(its pretty much the Facebook of fitness with less drama) is looking amazing so I need to kick it 
into gear. I had some days where I had cheesecake, doughnuts and probably some other delicious treats that I’m blocking from memory forgetting. I love sweets, but I don’t like what too many “treats” do to my body. Not to say that I wont indulge at all…because I will…I just wont do it as much. Moderation.
After a few days of getting my nutrition back together and actually tracking my macros. I’m down 1lb and another inch. While one pound doesn’t seem impressive to some people, please keep in mind that I’m lifting heavy weights. Even though I weigh roughly the same in both pictures, my body composition is changing. Less fat, more muscle. 
I’m loving Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program! I’m now at a point where I can include cardio (phase 2)
so we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. 
For now, I’m just enjoying my fitness journey. And preparing myself to say “no” to the birthday cheesecake my coworker is about to be presented with. Ugh! 
Are you making progress with any of your goals (fitness or not)? Feel free to stalk my bodyspace for more updates. 

P.S.- Macronutrients or Macros are Fat, Carbs, Protein and I monitor Fiber intake as well. You never know, you may be one poop away from your goal! Gross but true. 


23 thoughts on “In The Car Straight Flexin’

  1. Herchel says:

    Don't feel bad. When I work out more I flex all the time too! It's motivating and it's a visual reminder of your progress. I stopped working out for about four months but started back at it last week. Once I lose this layer of Krispy Kreme fat that I picked up, I will be flexing too.

  2. Elle says:

    Hey, you flex and enjoy those new muscles… it encourages them to keep growing, I am sure! I think we all do it.

    Dropping by from the SITS Girls today.

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