My Love For You Will Last…

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Mike and I don’t do Valentine’s Day. It’s not anything that I have ever felt the urge to celebrate in my adult life. I love him every day and celebrate that love…every day. He’s tried in the past but I could just never get into the holiday. The most I would ever let him do is take me out to Waffle House until that became a “thing” for couples to do. I know. Very hipster of me.

Growing up, my mom always made a big production over holidays. ALL of them. Ha! It was always exciting to find out what she had planned for us. When we found out that we were pregnant with Harper I knew that I wanted to raise her with the same spirit of celebration. Its not about the presents. Its about creating special memories with loved ones. I get it now. For the first time in my adult life, I’m going to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

I’ve made some really cute white and gold polka dot napkins, ordered burlap for the table and have my menu planned. Chocolate chip waffles! Yes, Harper is only one so she won’t “get it” but she likes a good party and that’s what we’ll have. Motherhood has really changed my perspective on life.

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