My Love For You Will Last…

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Mike and I don’t do Valentine’s Day. It’s not anything that I have ever felt the urge to celebrate in my adult life. I love him every day and celebrate that love…every day. He’s tried in the past but I could just never get into the holiday. The most I would ever let him do is take me out to Waffle House until that became a “thing” for couples to do. I know. Very hipster of me.

Growing up, my mom always made a big production over holidays. ALL of them. Ha! It was always exciting to find out what she had planned for us. When we found out that we were pregnant with Harper I knew that I wanted to raise her with the same spirit of celebration. Its not about the presents. Its about creating special memories with loved ones. I get it now. For the first time in my adult life, I’m going to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

I’ve made some really cute white and gold polka dot napkins, ordered burlap for the table and have my menu planned. Chocolate chip waffles! Yes, Harper is only one so she won’t “get it” but she likes a good party and that’s what we’ll have. Motherhood has really changed my perspective on life.

54 thoughts on “My Love For You Will Last…

  1. Felicia says:

    Chocolate chip waffles? Sounds good to me! Usually I'm more into celebrating Valentines Day, but this year, I feel like I'm so far behind. Maybe I'll just do something simple to celebrate this year instead of making a big fuss over it.

  2. Divya says:

    I share your perspective ! I am not much into celebrating Valentines day. I think I will change as well when I have kids.Would definitely love to make some cute memories. Hope you all make some wonderful memories to look back to. 🙂

  3. Emily Smith says:

    Haha, I'm like your mom – I make a BIG deal over every holiday..any reason to celebrate, really! It's so fun having kids to share the moments with and make a fuss over. Whether it's making a cake, baking cookies or balloons…we're having a party! I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day celebrations this year 🙂

  4. Emily Hammann says:

    Stopping in from SITS Girls… I totally felt the same way about Valentines Day… until I had kids of course. LOL. I love the hipster comment. Totally hipster of you. Hehe. We do low key stuff… family outing, trade Valentines. Have a fantastic Valentines Day!

  5. Dianna @ Oy Vey a Day says:

    I agree about creating fun memories for the kids. We didn't make a huge deal of Valentine's growing up, but my dad always went and bought cards for my mom, sister and me. He let my mom buy cards and gifts for most holidays, but this was one that he did all on his own. Each Valentine's Day, I would walk downstairs to find cards sitting at my place at the breakfast table. A simple gesture, but a wonderful memory!

  6. Ida Arias says:

    I agree with you. These are the memories that she will have with her forever. I'm thinking of doing Valentine's this year also. I'm just having an issue getting started! Stopping by from SITS girls!!

  7. Ebony says:

    I'm like your mom and I make a big extravaganza out of every holiday lol chocolate chip waffles sound yummy, I'm sure Harper will be happy! Visiting from SITS girls 🙂

  8. GJT says:

    Parenting certainly changed my perspective about holidays! I see now how fun it can be to create new memories with my little ones, things they remember from year to year with wonder and magic. Like St. Patrick's Day. Before kids, the most I'd do is drink beer. Now? A leprechaun comes and leaves all sorts of mayhem. I guess my kids just bring out the kid in me! Stopping by from SITS!

  9. Erin says:

    This is funny because I've always been the same way as you about V-Day…until this year. I didn't realize that this MIGHT be because of my 4-month old baby girl! Gold and white polka dot napkins sounds adorable.

  10. Gabby says:

    That is so fun!! You'll love doing V-Day crafts with her as she gets older. Like you, I think Valentine's Day is kind of ridiculous, but we like to have a fun family night. I always do chocolate fondue for all of us.

  11. Hollie says:

    I've never celebrated Valentine's Day either, but for kids, I think it would be fun. I mean, it doesn't even matter if it's a holiday or not. And I love that you made napkins. Handmade is to die for.

  12. diane padoven says:

    Forever and ever is the expression my husband and I tell each other whenever we say “I love you”! Happy to have discovered your blog today…


    Dropping by from SITS girls today.

  13. Gracielle Tamanio says:

    Aww! That's so sweet that you'll be celebrating Valentine's Day for the first time with your daughter. I pay more attention to holidays and actually plan things now that I have kids. Parenting does change perspective on things 🙂 Stopping by from #SITSBlogging. Nice to meet you!

  14. Hakima Lamour says:

    My hubby and I don't really do Valentine's Day either..its all about our anniversary and birthdays..but this year since my son is in preschool he is having a Valentine's Day party at school with his friends so I decided to do something nice for my hubby as well.

  15. Erica @ erica finds says:

    My husband and I never do gifts for any holiday or birthday, but we do cards and experiences (like trips or dinners out) and I love it. It is much more fun to celebrate than to accumulate more things! 🙂 Stopping by from SITS

  16. Erica Lee says:

    We are actually just doing a dinner together at home this year after the kids go to bed. We don't typically do anything, but we have a baby due in a few weeks, so it will be a quiet night together.

  17. Miss Dre says:

    Being a mother really does change your perspective on a lot of things! My husband has never been big on holidays because he didn't celebrate much. But now that we have children, we like to see their faces when we put great effort into creating an experience for them. I think I might just do pancakes with rainbow sprinkles Friday morning for breakfast. Your chocolate chip waffles sound divine!

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