Biceps, Macros and A Whole Lotta Boobage

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Thank you for supporting my right to flex on my last fitness update. Ha! 
In case y’all didn’t know, the struggle is REAL when it comes to me turning down something that is sweet, carby goodness. Even when I was torturing my body through disordered eating…I LOVED sweets. 
Because focusing on good nutrition is one of my goals, I have cut back on the amount of cheats I give myself. Let’s be real…my cheat meals were cheat days. Friday through Sunday I would eat whatever the hell I wanted because Monday through Thursday I was good. My body wasn’t responding well to that.
Now that I’m counting my macros (Fat/Protein/Carbs) I can fit in a treat if I want one but I’m sticking to the 80/20 rule. 80% percent of my diet is clean and the other 20% is fun stuff! 
My macros look like this:
2036 calories
149.6 grams Protien
47.9 grams Fat
33-41 grams Fiber
That’s a whole lotta food! Because I went for so many years not eating to fuel my body efficiently, it amazes me to see my measurements change while eating over 2000cals. I’m down another inch around my waist this week! I still need to have Mike help me with the others (biceps, thighs and whatnot) so that I can post them for y’all. The scale hasn’t budged but I’m convinced that my boobs weigh twenty pounds. Haha! But seriously, I need to just stop stepping on that stupid thing. The scale doesn’t define me and I KNOW that now. 
Feel free to stalk my bodyspace account for more updates. Add me as friend if you have an account so we can complain about sore muscles and flex together. 
“Hey Girl, Hey!” To all of my SITS Girls


8 thoughts on “Biceps, Macros and A Whole Lotta Boobage

  1. Gailyc says:

    Stopping by for a visit from SITS Girls Comment Love. Looking good! Changing disordered eating habits is tough (done it myself and still fight the battle daily), but I am thrilled to see your positive attitude. Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome results!

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