Ice, Ice, Baby I’m Freezing

So…South Carolina is under attack. Snow flurries and ice are everywhere. Please send help because we are not equipped for this! Haha! I’m snowed in, the governor has declared a “state of emergency”, it’s leg day (which is my fave by the way) and folks across the state are losing power.

Naturally, I decided to whip out my laptop to blog before my electricity goes out because…priorities. Ha! To all my SITS Girls out there, I may be a little behind in visiting y’all due to weather but I’m coming for ya!


18 thoughts on “Ice, Ice, Baby I’m Freezing

  1. Emmy says:

    It is so crazy how much the south is getting slammed! We need some of that moisture here in Southern California, though in rain form definitely not snow 🙂 Thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday. #SitsBlogging

  2. I Am Boymom says:

    LOL! I so get this! I moved to Idaho from Arizona, so I feel the same way every time it snows here! Luckily, we don't get hit too hard where I live in Idaho, so it's mostly tolerable. I can only say that after having lived here 3 years though. Thanks for sharing, I love your blog! Such creativity! Adding you to my Bloglovin feed! Stopping by from #SITSBlogging.

  3. Heather Tullos says:

    hahhahaa. Snow in the south is hilarious. I'm in South West NC and people here lost their minds. The good news: it'll be 70 by Thursday. The bad news: there was an earthquake last night. WHAT?!

  4. Shefali says:

    Haha, that pic could totally apply for Seattle. It snows so rarely here, that when it does people tend to go a little cra-cray. We don't want it on weekends and not too much..and the list goes on. Thanks for stopping by #SITS girls.

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