I Eat My Veggies and Drink ‘Em Too: Smoothie

 photo green-smoothies-and-flexing.jpg
The more I read the news, the angrier I get. I’m pissed irritated with companies that decide to use chemicals and meat that isn’t fit for human consumption in their food products that are consumed by humans. What the huh?! While I may not eat at those places, other people who are on health journeys go there. And take their children! I cringe at the thought of The Biggest Loser competitors eating those subs because they were told they were healthy options. Just no.

For the past few months, I’ve been looking into holistic living. Today, I’m not prepared to dive into the lifestyle head-on because its a lot of work. Totally worth it in my opinion…but baby steps. Remember, a lifestyle change does not happen overnight its a process.

I’m armed with recipes and psyched for our next trip to the market. Its time to whip up some body butter and conditioner. Oh, food too!

Once recipes have been tested…I’ll share them with y’all! I already have a couple of DIY hair moisturizers ready to be photographed.

Go stalk my progress on bodyspace and add me if you have an account!


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