Let’s Stop Telling People to Not Get "Too _"

Unless you’re going to tell someone to “not get too awesome/funny/brilliant/InsertComplimentOfChoiceHere”…then don’t start that sentence.
 Because it’s rude. 

This is a mini rant. I would never have considered posting something like this in the past but for the sake of full disclosure, here we go.

Since I began lifting weights and “toning up” I have gotten a lot of unsolicited feedback from people in regards to women and muscle. “Oh, just be sure to stop before you get too muscular.” “Be sure that you don’t lift too much and end up looking like a man…I mean some of those women.”

Why? Why do we feel compelled at times to say such hateful things about people? We should strive to lift each other and provide support. There are days when I feel down on myself and need a cheerleader but get negativity instead. Luckily, I’m more secure in myself now then I was for most of my life. I was a small child that went through puberty at a reeealllly young age (8yrs old to be exact) and gained weight quickly. Not too much but enough that people felt the need to constantly chime in on my weight. What did I do? I internalized those “don’t get too chubby” comments and stopped eating. It took me years…YEARS to get my shit together. For my people who are tired of hearing the don’t get too skinny/fat/muscular/etc comments that are directed at themselves or others, I’ve provided a montage of eye rolls. Ha!


The next time someone tells you “not get too _”, think of these ladies and smile. Unless they’re telling you to not get too sexy…in which case…


7 thoughts on “Let’s Stop Telling People to Not Get "Too _"

  1. Lindsey Sampson says:

    This is so true! It's like a backhanded compliment, “I like the work you're doing and how you're transforming, but don't do it too much or it will look bad.” Keep rolling your eyes and doing your thing!

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