Meal Prep Monday: March 3rd {FAIL}

 photo whatwereeating.jpg

“Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”

I’m putting myself out there. I made the Balsamic Roast Beef and salsa as part of this week’s meal prep and that’s it. Mike said that he wanted to cook at least once this week so…we have a couple meals covered. Ha!

We bought a lot of veggies at the market this weekend so we have food. I just have the added pressure of figuring out what we’re having the rest of the week. That stresses me out! If we don’t have a plan, I usually just default to something from a fast food restaurant.

I was craving salsa to dip veggies in but the recipe made a decent sized batch. Maybe omelettes with salsa for dinner one night? Ideas?


9 thoughts on “Meal Prep Monday: March 3rd {FAIL}

  1. Sarah Jane says:

    I'm big into planning! I plan every week out the Saturday before, then I coupon like Crazy!!! If you plan well, you save! I have also started planning around the sales and couponing on top of that. If you need some meal ideas just ask! I'm full them!

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