What I’m Loving: Gym Bags

What I'm Loving: Gym Bags


Y’all…I have two bags that I’ve been using as my carryall from the office to the gym (and a few places in between). One of them is an adorable 31 tote bag and the other is a diaper bag that I bought from Nine West waaaay back in the day. My poor Nine West bag was used as a book bag when I was in college, a carryall/purse after college, an actual diaper bag and now it’s used for hauling my gym swag. And it’s beginning to show its age. Poor thing! Ha!

I’m on the market for a new bag that I can take from work, to the gym and to the store with Harper. I adore the first bag but it’s not realistic for all of those purposes so I’m left to choose from one of the other styles. Life is hard, y’all! Haha! Seriously…I hate making these decisions. I’m terribly picky and finicky. What I like today, I may cringe over in two weeks. There. I said it! Help!

Mamas and large bag lovin’ ladies…what do you use to haul your stuff?

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