Be Who You Want To Be {Fitness/Life Update}

It's Never Too Late to be What You Might Have Been
We have a lot of changes taking place in our household. Some changes are great and others are scary because of the “unknown”. I’m at a place now where the “unknown” doesn’t frighten me to the point of obsession/anxiety. When people say “let go and let God,” I GET it.

I asked for courage and feel it. My goal is to design a life that I love and I’ve been working on that. I’ve been focusing on the fitness/nutrition aspect and now its time for me to tackle other areas also.

For now:

Week 12 of Transformation Challenge

Please excuse the nakedness but here’s my “before” picture and a current one. I hesitate to call it a true before picture because I’ve been working out since last year and this one is from January. Its the dreaded 100k Transformation Challenge before picture that they asked for. Well actually…they suggested a bikini and…NO! Ha! I’m winking in the picture because I felt awkward. I didn’t feel confident. I wasn’t comfortable. I look confident in the picture though. “Fake it til you make it”. Right?!

 I had started my journey, was seeing awesome results and then stopped for two months. I’m putting myself out there because I dont want to paint a picture of someone who hasn’t had slip-ups. I like pizza. I like doughnuts and I had to learn to like exercising. This is week 12 of the transformation challenge and I’m not where I wanted to be but I’m happy with the progress. As Michelle says, “that’s what matters.”

I’m posting a birthday wrap up on Friday. I got the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. Yay!!! I’ve been wanting it for years and I’m psyched to finally have it. There’s so much information provided and the recipes look amazing. That’s all I’m saying for now. Ha!

You still have time to enter my birthday giveaway for a chance to win a $50 Target gift card.

Are you still waiting for the “perfect” time to live a life you’ll love? It’s now.


9 thoughts on “Be Who You Want To Be {Fitness/Life Update}

  1. Michelle Eichelberger says:

    Love you Earl Leigh! You are looking great. And progress is ALL that matters. You are in first place in my challenge unfortunately it doesn't pay $100,000 but it does offer unlimited hugs and encouragement 🙂

  2. Jenniemarie @ Another Housewife says:

    You are AMAZING. I love that you are keeping it real because it really, really helps others like me who are just starting out on this journey. Progress is progress and that's really what we are working toward, yes? Let go and let God is an amazing ability, congrats.

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