The Plague {Okay…Okay…Stomach Virus}

You’ve probably noticed some crickets chirping over here this week. The plaque struck our household last Friday.

Picture this: Mike, Harper and Earl are hanging out on the couch watching some Dragon Ball Z. Mike’s holding Harper because it’s almost her bedtime. To get comfy, Harper turns onto her tummy and rests her head on her daddy’s shoulder. Sweet, right?

Mike carries her into her nursery so that he can tuck her in for the night. From the living room I hear silence erupt into a series of “oh my God!” so I go running down the hall, flip on the light and see her dinner. EVERYWHERE. She’s crying, he’s crying and I’m cleaning. We didn’t know it yet but the plague had struck.

Harper woke us up the next morning demanding milk so I handed her off to dad and stole away to the bedroom. I had to tidy the place up a little more before my family came so I wanted a few more minutes of sleep. Five minutes later…”Babe…oh no…oh no!” comes from the living room. I go running down the hall, into the living room and see her milk. EVERYWHERE. She was crying, he was crying and I was cleaning.

Everyone’s coming, she CANT be sick. He squished her tummy…she’s NOT sick. 

They both get their outfits changed and it happens again and again. I knew it was time to call the emergency nurse at her pediatrician’s office and we heard what I had been dreading. Stomach virus. I called my mom’s house, cell and then my sister’s cell until I got a response. They were already on the way because they wanted to surprise me. I told them the news and we decided to cancel our Easter plans so that my nephew wasn’t around the sickness. He cried, I cried and Harper gave mommy a hug.

Kim K crying

She’s better now (awesome) but Mike and I have been sick all week. It’s pretty much been a lot of:

On the couch


I can't think.

I’m feeling like a human again and that’s pretty cool. Also, I lost 4lbs this week. I’m totally logging it because it was kinda like being on a cleanse. Right? Ha!

GIFS 1/2/3


8 thoughts on “The Plague {Okay…Okay…Stomach Virus}

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    Oh no… the stomach bug freaks me OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like I'm nauseated thinking I caught it from reading this blog 🙂
    Hope the bug has left the building & everyone is good from here on out!

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