Sunset Challenge {Tone It Up}

It’s Day 4 of the Bikini Series so it’s cardio and a total body strengthening day for me. I usually prefer to split my muscle groups so I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to just focus on biceps, triceps and abs. My booty is still on fiyah from leg day and I don’t want to cause damage from lack of repair time. I like to do two heavy leg days and a light one every week because my thighs are stubborn. They like who they are and don’t want to change for anyone! Ha!

In addition to daily routines, Karena and Katrina give us Sunset Challenges to complete. Today’s challenge:

Send your friends some love! Write a note, text or email to a friend and surprise them with 3 things you love most about them. 

Someone I’m going to (hopefully not embarrass) send love to via blog post is my Michelle! We’ve been working together for about four years now and she has grown to be near and dear to my heart.

Ode to Michelle! Not really…here are my fave 3 things about her though:
1. She’s funny (and thinks I’m funny too). If one of us gets in “trouble” at work…we both get blamed!

Abbot and Costello

2. She is one of the most genuine peeps I know. When my pregnancy got scary, she was there to support and pray for me. She also brought me peanut butter cookies when I was in the hospital.

3. The chick is passionate about all facets of life! From her family to her career in social work, Michelle gives her all and keeps a smile on her face. She’s so positive! 
Some other friends I want to send a big ol’ hug to is all of y’all! Thank you for taking the time out to visit and go rock the day out! 
GIFS 1/2/

13 thoughts on “Sunset Challenge {Tone It Up}

  1. Earl-Leigh says:

    You can still sign up on the website to be a part of the Tone It Up community! They send out a really cute welcome packet that introduces you to their nutrition plan and workouts. 🙂

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