Summer Time Fine {DIY Inspiration}

I have been nominated for THREE Liebster Awards! I’m working on everyone’s questions right now. My plan is to post my responses on Fridays because I figured a Liebster week would be too much Earl for y’all to handle. Haha!

It’s already hella hot in South Carolina and if you follow me on Pinterest, you know that summer is on my brain. While I would love to be able to throw down money at the mall for a summer wardrobe…that is not in the budget. Mike’s design firm that he works for (until Friday) is going under and he is one of the first designers to be let go. WAH! I’m usually one who goes into panic mode when “disaster strikes” but I feel good. Comforted may be a better word. He got comfortable in a job that didn’t allow him to be as creative as he would have preferred. I prayed for Mike to be guided to a more fulfilling career and he sent me a text, literally the next day, letting me know “the news”. It wasn’t that I never prayed for his creative fulfillment before, I just switched it up and asked more directly. Ha!

I’m hoping that he’ll get enough freelance work that he won’t have to work full time at another firm. We’ll see. In the meanwhile, if mama wants some new duds for the summer…it’s going to be DIY all the way!

Cutoff Shorts

I love these simple cutoff shorts. Its way too hot for pants around here so I foresee a lot of weekend market trips in shorts.

Quick Tee

It’s always a task to find a tee that fits me in a flattering way. My upper torso is short and my boobs are big so my tees are usually baggy. Not a good look. I have yards upon yards of knits and I can whip a few of these up quickly. Work and weekend appropriate.

Get Out of Town Bag

This bag speaks for itself.


17 thoughts on “Summer Time Fine {DIY Inspiration}

  1. Mary Johnson says:

    first. super cute shorts and that shirt is great! I wish I could sew.

    second. maybe a job opportunity may bring ya'll to Ohio πŸ˜‰

    Our prayers are with all of you!

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